Double Cross Stitch

Part of the Cross stitch family

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illustration of double cross stitch

This version of double cross stitch is a canvas stitch but it is also a pleasure to work this stitch as a filling on linen or any even count fabric in a fine thread. As a hand embroidery stitch it has much potental.

This illustration is worked in multicoloured hand dyed thread on 26 count linen.

a step by step illustration of how to work double cross stitch

It is simple and easy to work as the cross is formed by working two horizontal stitches then two diagonal stitches over seven threads.

This forms the first cross. This is then crossed again by two sets of diagonal threads.

To complete this stitch work a small upright cross stitch in the threads left between the double cross.

You can use other stitches in these small places such as a French knot or a small bead.

Cross Stitch Family.

Cross stitch is based on the simple action of crossing one thread against the other. This action in stitching has been used around the globe since the beginning of textile history. For this reason, there are many variations to Cross stitch and some listed here. They are Alternating cross stitch, Rice stitch, Double cross stitch, Long arm cross stitch and Montenegrin. There are many more.