Stitch combinations for crazy quilting page 1

The next few pages contain diagrams of embroidery stitch combinations that can be can be used to embellish seams in crazy quilting projects.

They assume that you know the stitches. If you are unsure of how to work them directions can be found in my stitch collection.

Most stitches used in crazy quilting consist of basic stitches combined and built one on top of each other.

Change stitch direction, stitch size and spacing and the weight of thread and colour to create interesting seam work.

Designing and using different combinations of stitches is fun. Beads can also be incorporated along the way. I hope these diagrams provide a little inspiration.

Seam embellishment stitch combination 1 (right)

Two rows of Herringbone. Work the rows with generous spacing to allow a five petal flower to sit in the center.

The two lower petals are worked in triple chain. Floral sprigs in stem stitch or whipped stem with detached chain leaves and french knots or beads for the flowers.

Seam embellishment stitch combination 2 and 3

Buttonhole wheels can be arranged in a number of ways. The first is interspersed with tulip stitch (which is an arrangement detached chain with two loops threaded under the tie) the second example is interspersed with straight stitch arranged in a ray. French knots, sequins or beads can be placed in the middle.

Seam embellishment stitch combination 4, 5, 6

Other arrangements of Buttonhole wheels

Seam embellishment stitch combination 7, 8, 9

Other arrangements of Buttonhole wheels

Combination 7 is worked in a serpentine fashion. Nos 8 and 9 are arranged in a V like formation and floral motifs added between. Combination 9 is interspersed with daisys worked in detached chain.

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